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Credit for the photograph - 'Flakes'

Seeing Eyato come to life is one of my many dreams

come true and it has indeed been a labour of love.


I am determined to establish my unique brand as a

main player in the British fashion arena. In order to

achieve this I have done a lot of learning, reading and research. I have  also had the privilege of guidance from some of Britain's finest craftsmen and artisans; the benefits to me being an opportunity to work with them to develop my samples and handmake the final creations. Whilst this process has taken a few years of painstaking work, I am delighted to have accomplished a standard which I feel befits the fabulous clients who now wear the Eyato label.


My creations reflect my dual heritage, with influences of style, colour and vibrance seeping in across time and space. My work draws on motifs and themes from the 50s to the 80s. It also echoes the diverse cultural mileu in which I grew up: the West Midlands in the UK and the  south-west, north-east and middle belt plateaus of Nigeria.  

Atiti -  Blue (2)

Photograph by Stephen Cotterell

Atiti OJC