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By Atiti Izogie, Nov 13 2017 10:35PM

Today was the day the Ronti Capsule went live and nothing went to plan. Ever had one of those days?

Fortunately, despite the kinks it all looks beautiful, so well worth the wait!

Talk about dreams coming true... it started with a daydream, a pencil and a sketchbook this time last year and has ended up this year being translated into the Ronti Capsule Collection.

The collection consists of (images below): one handbag design in two different sizes, one evening bag design, and two womenswear footwear designs.

The collection has been lovingly handmade in London by master craftsmen at Anthony Vrahimis Leatherworks and Ash Shoes. They undertook the product development, prototyping, pattern making, mock ups and sampling; a lengthy, but necessary process to arrive at the impeccable quality which we proudly offer up to you for order.

In addition, we had the opportunity to donate the first ever off the production line, Ronti Handbag (the only two petal bag) to the Bristol Royal British Legion who will either offer it for auction or a raffle prize at the Bristol Poppy Ball - Bristol Wears Poppies on the 18th of November.

We took a day trip up to Bristol to deliver 'The Ronti' to the Royal British Legion office in the city centre and were received by the most appreciative staff and volunteers led by Sue Potepa.

We were committed to unveiling the Ronti with the utmost sensitivity and respect for the iconic symbol which inspired the collection, hence our choosing today to make this timeless collection available from our made-to-order shop.

Finally, at the beginning of last week, we were featured by renowned Fashion Blogger Melissa Wheeler on her blog http://www.melissawheeler.co.uk/post-title2. An edited version is featured the Huffington post http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/melissa-wheeler/the-power-of-red-why-the-_b_18478562.html.

Thanks for reading the happenings at our end.

The Eyato London Team

By Atiti Izogie, Jul 14 2017 09:55PM

Eyaton London,

Established September 2012 by Atiti Izogie.

At the end of May 2017 Eyato London took part in this year's two-day Make it British - Meet the Manufactuer 2017 Exhibition. We were based in the Brand Hall.

It was a brilliant opportunity for Eyato London to showcase its tasteful creations: luxury bespoke leather Bags and Footwear along with its Elysian one-off Outerwear pieces.

Visitors to our stand included: potential clients, womenswear and menswear buyers, fashion bloggers, personal shoppers, new start-up designers, suppliers, manufacturers and other designers and brands who are open fo working in collanoration with Eyato London.

Visitors feedback included glowing comments aboit:

- the quality of our products,

- our unique distinct designs,

- our choices of carefully sourced / bought in Britain high quality leather and components

- our competive prices


- the brand Eyato London's committment to its brand integrity by sourcing and buying from British businesses in Britain.

Thank you to the Make it British Team who made the event possible. X

- The Eyato Lonon Team

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