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Welcome to our blog


Here we'll post updates on how the new Eyato label is recieved.

We aim to capture all the amazing comments / feedback we get. Just in case we miss anything and you come across it please send it our way.


Thanks - the 'Eyato Team'

BREAKING NEWS!!! The Eyato Embrace... A HOT favourite!

By Atiti Sosimi, Apr 17 2013 05:04PM

Hello Eyato Lovers

Within less than 24 hours after our updated website went live, the interest, encouragement and... yes a drum roll please...*drum roll*... ORDERS have started to come in. So far it's the passionately knitted luxurious 'Eyato Embrace' that has gained ground as a HOT favourite.

We'll keep you posted!

If this beautiful Cape speaks to you contact us for more information. Our details are available on the 'Contact us page of this site or drop us an email at

Thanks - the 'Eyato Team'

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