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V I N T A G E   F A R E

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Meet Atiti

Established in September 2012, Eyato creations are luxurious and distinct.


Atiti made clear her twin aims from the outset:


1. To create an aspirational label for the discerning who desire unique luxury products.

2. To ensure that Eyato is a main player in the British bespoke luxury fashion and accessories arena.


It is therefore unsurprising that twice this year 'Make it British', listed Eyato in their top ten Best of British Brands for Footwear and Bags.




Atiti has been priviledged to learn from some of Britain's finest craftsmen, artisans and teachers in the industry, namely: Eelko Moor (Prototype Development), Bejamin John Hall (Shoemaking at Prescott & Mackay), Achilles Khorassandjian (Shoe Designing, PatternCutting, Shoe Making at Ash Shoes) and Anthony Vrahmis (Bag Designing, Pattern Cutting, Machining at AV Ltd) the benefits being that in many cases they have gone on to supervise the development of and even handmake the final Eyato creations.

Whilst the process has taken a few years of painstaking work and costly mistakes, it has been a thorough and rigourous process of research and development that Atiti believs has all been worth the toil when one looks at the the products and sees a standard and quality befitting the fabulous clients who now proudly own and wear Eyato.




She is a boldly stlyish, yet shy introverted extvert who is a lover of life and family. She is gives new meaning to the word quirky in her sofisticated, contemporary luxury creations.

Since we are all a product of our past histories Atiti's creations reflect her dual heritage, with influences of style, colour and vibrance seeping in across time and space. Her work draws on motifs and themes from the 50s to the 80s, and echoes the diverse cultural mileu in which Atiti  grew up: the West Midlands in the UK and the  south-west, north-east and middle belt plateaus of Nigeria.  

Atiti Izogie

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